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Computer Amc Services

Computer AMC is such a task that monitors the health of your systems on an annual basis. All you have to do is dig a lot for the best Computer AMC service provider. Whichever Computer AMC service provider you choose must be efficient in its profession. It should be a cluster of highly qualified professionals. Your service provider must offer advanced service for Computer AMC.

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BS System Solutions is one of the leading IT solutions and system integrator, Computer AMC Service Provider in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon & NCR region. We offer Laptop, Desktop, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for various services or products. Computer AMC Services is preventive maintenance where we protect your computer against malfunctions.

Well, there are a lot of computer AMC services. Some of them are highlighted below for your convenience.

  • · Free up space by removing unwanted files
  • · Malware checking and scanning
  • · Hard drive repairing
  • · Cleaning out the junk files
  • · Computer parts and components repair
  • Assembly of computer systems
  • Upgradation of computer systems
  • Fixation of internet errors
  • Hard disk, DVD-ROM and modem wear
  • Removal of viruses and computer security
  • Maintenance of scanners and printers
  • Data recovery
  • Setting up WiFi or LAN facilities and the subsequent security
  • Servers of data, SAN and NAS

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